COmputational Thinking

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Course content

There are various strategies to solve everyday problems. Often a problem
can be solved in different ways and there is not always a "best way".
However, sometimes one way is more efficient than the other, or you find
one approach easier or more pleasant than the other.
During the lectures of this course you will be acquainted with different
solution strategies (such as modeling, formulation, guess and check) and
algorithms (such as search algorithms, sorting algorithms and graph
algorithms) to solve problems. You will learn to solve problems by
reasoning and by using knowledge from other disciplines. In the
practical sessions you will resolve various problems using the different
solution strategies and algorithms that have been discussed in the
lectures. Since there are many ways to solve a problem, you will also
start thinking about developing algorithms yourself. In this course we
encourage your problem solving and algorithmic thinking, as well as your
creative and innovative skills. At the end of the course you work
together with some other students in a group on a project. You conclude
the project with a short presentation.